So where did my love of theme parks come from?

I'll always remember my Mum and Dad collecting The Sun vouchers for free tickets to Alton Towers and one day waking up and being told we were visiting Alton Towers. I didn't know what a theme park was I just remember seeing TV ads and pictures in the paper. When we turned up and I went on my first coaster I was hooked. The year was 1994 and Nemesis had just opened.

The coasters I went on that visit were Nemesis, Thunder Looper ,The Black Hole and Corkscrew,

After that me and my brother spent our paper round money visiting Drayton Manor. Where our favourite rides were the Shockwave and waltzer in the dark,

We used to buy the Guinness World Records to read what the fastest and tallest rollercoaster were at that time and would wish we could visit them one day,

Now I visit parks on a weekly basis and try and visit new parks every few months. 

I'm now a trained professional photographer that loves taking my camera to parks, and taking photos while I'm there. After having 1000's of images stored and people always asking for them, I decided to setup my own website,


Favourite Coaster - Fury 325

Favourite Park - Cedar Point

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Thrillridesphotography are proud that we obey all Theme park Rules in regards to on ride filming. Public safety is always at the heart of what we do, We want to work with parks to deliver amazing photos for our followers and dont want to jeopardise it to gain a few followers.