Blackpool Pleasure Beach Fireworks event 

First we would like to thank blackpool pleasure beach for their hospitality and for the tickets for this great event, In return for some photos from the day,

The firework event happens 8 times a year which includes late night riding and fireworks at the end of the day.

We got to the park at 10.00 where we picked up our passes and photo passes, First thing we wanted to do is get some shots around the park without many people in the park, which you will be able to see below, the first ride of the day was the big one, the 1994 hypercoaster built by arrow still looks has great now as it did when i first saw it in 1994 aged 11, There is still something about the long climb up the lift hill that makes you think am i doing the right thing, the views of blackpool at 200ft are amazing, The ride itself is ok after the first drop it's more like a fast monorail to view the park, it's a classic ride that everyone thats loves rollercoasters should add to the bucket list,

We enjoyed a great cup of coffee at starbucks to warm up and a nice krispy kreme donut, There is everything you can think of to eat and drink at BPB including Seafood, Wine, champagne, Fish and chips and chinese,

The operations were on point all day with quick turn arounds on rides and food, we even enjoyed a nice glass of champagne and sat outside watching the world go by.

We had a walk around the park to try and find the best place for the firework display but the best area last year on the bridge is now not the best place because the view is blocked by a new investment for the park. ( information from BPB site)

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has begun the construction of it’s new £16.25m rollercoaster. Originally dubbed as ‘Construction 2018′ now named ‘ICON’ – the ride will feature the most number of interactions in the world with 15 interactions involving five different rides and two tunnels. It will be the UK’s first double launch roller coaster – the ‘launch’ is administered by an advanced technology that gives the roller coaster two powerful thrusts of acceleration during the ride.

The ride is being manufactured by Mack Rides at their world-class factory in Waldkirch, Germany, utilising the latest state-of-the-art engineering processes, including laser beam technology for extreme accuracy. The ride will open in Spring 2018.

A double launch will see thrill seekers propelled forward at high speed, not only at the start of the ride, but also at a second point half way through the two and a half minute experience. Riders will experience the same levels of G force as felt by the driver of a Formula 1 car. The launch of the ride features acceleration which is 4 times that experienced in a Lamborghini Gallardo.

‘ICON’ will reach heights of 88.5ft with drops of up to 82ft. It will interact with five other Blackpool Pleasure Beach rides including the iconic Big One, Steeplechase, Big Dipper, Pleasure Beach Express and the Grand Prix.


Who's top coaster will this be from next year when it opens?

The best view for the fireworks now is in front of the Wallace & Gromit's Thrill-O-Matic, Unfortunately for us the park does not allow tripods on park so it wouldn't be the best place for us to get the best photos of the fireworks, Because firework photos need between 2 - 10 second exposure and hand holding the camera it's impossible, And our rail clamp couldn't be used because the trees would cover the shot of the big one, So we decided to go outside the park and take our photos from out side the park, this would allow us to use the equipment we needed and still have a great view, see below our photos.

There is something about BPB that makes you smile whenever you're there is it the history, The rides, or is it because it's a great park with something for everyone, that when you walk in you forget all your worries?

We are looking forward to visiting blackpool in 2018 and getting on the new ride ICON.

 See some of our photos below.

Park Map

How to get there

Blackpool Park Map 2017

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