Energylandia History

Park Map And Location

Energylandia is an amusement park in Poland. It’s located in Zator in Lesser Poland, which is in southern Poland.Energylandia is the largest amusement park in the country and is a very new park only opening in 2014. But in this time it's made a name for itself and its only going to get better, The plans for this park are big and we mean big.


When the park opened in 2014 Poland only had 20 operating roller coasters and Energylandia was set to change this and quick, it opened with a few roller coasters and rides the park is split into 3 different zones a little zone which features a Vekoma roller skater called Energus at 45 ft high and a top speed of 35 mph this is the perfect kids coaster and a dodgems


In the Family zone was the second coaster in the park RMF Dragon is another Vekoma but this one is a Vekoma Suspended Coaster at a height of 65 ft and reaching speeds of 45 mph


And in the extreme zone is the third coaster in the park which again is a Vekoma but this time a SLC the 108ft tall The Mayan Roller Coaster has a top speed of 50mph this was a off the shelf coaster by Vekoma, and a SBF spinning coaster called Viking rollercoaster this roller coaster is a reference to an old Norman world and Scandinavian culture. The five four-person carriages moving along a winding, rising track which is up to 42ft high. An additional attraction will be the fact that the roller coaster carriages will revolve on their axis as well,


Already in 2015, Energylandia are the only park in the world during one season put up 3 Roller Coasters!


In 2016 a new coaster was added to the park and it yet again was a Vekoma, FORMULA 1 ROLLER COASTER. This is a real challenge for the bravest and adrenaline fans of most extreme adventures. The initial acceleration of over 100 km/h in 1.2 seconds!  loops, inversions and inclines make this ride one of the most exciting and unforgettable in the park.

The park continued to grow with the addition of more rides and more coasters.

In the little zone a flying swing carousel, a fairytale carousel sissi and a smaller carousel leo, a jeep safari, a slide and a treasure island log flume.


In the family zone rapids were added 2 new coaster a Vekoma boomerang of the self coaster, A SBF VISA coaster called Mars,a frutti loop coaster which is a standard caterpillar coaster,  SBF-VISA Group is currently an industry leader. They are innovators, creators and manufacturers of an extraordinary product line...Family Thrill Rides, Standard Rides, Children Rides, Custom Attractions and Rides, Gravity Rides, all second to none in quality and performance are designed, engineered and manufactured in our family owned and operate facilities , A dark ride called Monster Attack that features a laser shooting experience.


2017 saw Energylandia celebrate its 3rd birthday. For the first time the Entertainment Park invited its guests for a night of fun at their attractions and the first Beach Party in the Water Park that season. Cake, champagne and gifts were all guaranteed for guests who visited Energylandia that weekend. And the opening of Spill Water Anaconda, which

will guarantee an exciting ride on huge, twenty-person boats along the route

full of wet surprises. Steep waterfalls speed up the wagons up to a speed of 55 km / h so that they can use it

hit the water surface with a huge impact and trigger a spectacular wave. The producer of this attraction is INTAMIN,


At the end of 2017 season energylandia now had 11 coasters they had added 50% more of the total Poland coaster count within 3 years of it opening, Energyland currently has, fully built, 26 hectares of area 70 attractions that are divided into four zones: Bajkolandia for children, Familijna for entire families and extreme for high-dose adrenaline, as well as the water zone of the Water Park with pools but they weren't going to stop there,


We have been really lucky to have energylandia 2018-2020 planned investment which we have copied below.  


News started coming out the park that they were going to start building something big hypercoaster big, there was 2 companies in the running for this coaster Vekoma and Intamin, Two plans were submitted to the park and 2 POV of the ride was released. And visitor could vote on which one they prefer the Intamin design won the vote.


Hyperion is the name of the emerging second highest and fastest Roller Coaster in Europe. Giving way only Red Force, located in the Ferrari Land Park.

The Hyper coaster category contains constructions between 200ft and 300ft. The construction of Mega Coaster Hyperion began in October 2017 and its premiere is planned for the 2018 season.

The first stage of construction is now completed. In 80%, foundations were laid out and a tunnel was excavated, in which with impetus and a huge speed of over 86 mph, they will drive roller coaster wagons during the first fall. Digging under this huge tunnel is up to 8 meters deep and 20 meters wide.

100 people are involved in the construction they are specialized builders, engineers, as well as constructors from the Swiss company Intamin, building the highest roller coaster constructions in the world which of course is kingda ka.

The drop will be 80 meters and 84 degrees inclination,which is 2 meters longer than the Shambhala exit at Port Aventura in Spain and it will end with the entrance to the huge tunnel. The construction height alone will be 252 ft,The height of the entrance to the top of the structure will be as high as 252 ft , becoming the highest lift in Europe and the roller coaster will accelerate to 87 mph. In addition, there are water effects, numerous turns and maximum speed when cornering and quilting down. There will also be fascinating positive and negative overloads and a gigantic speed when going to the hills. For those who like to soar in the clouds, the producers of attractions provided the effects of weightlessness, unexpected gravitational effects, rotational track slope and double turns.

So you would think that a Hypercoaster in a theme park would be enough for 1 year but no there is more. Speed a water coaster is also set to open the same year they are marketing it has the world's tallest and fastest water coaster which means this thing is going to be extreme it's a mix of a roller coaster and water ride it's going to be 196ft tall and 68mph it will feature a vertical lift hill into a massive first drop then into a few turns a helix into a splashdown to finish off.


The First Energylandia Hotel is coming in 2019-2020, the first dedicated hotel will be built for families. It will be the first of the planned entire hotel complex located around Energylandia.

The hotel will be 4-star standard. Stand out Italian architecture referring to the beautiful Venice and characteristic tenement houses located around channel with gondolas. The central built-up part will be glazed creating a cozy patio with cafes and service outlets. On the ground floor there will also be a SPA complex with extensive facilities offer of relaxation treatments.

The whole hotel will be divided into two parts:

- accommodation, in which every room will have unique children's accents

In this part there will also be a large children's parlor.

- conference and restaurant, creating ideal conditions for the organization of events

occasional, industry or business meetings. There will be two restaurants here and two

conference rooms that can be merged into one powerful space.


The first Energylandia hotel will offer 120 rooms / apartments, including 530 beds.

A conference area is combined, the maximum number of seats will be around 456.

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