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Vive la France, vive l’Europe
The French Themed Area ‒ Shining with new Splendour

In the 2018 season, Germany’s largest theme park will show its dedication to its beloved neighbour, France. After extensive modernisation, visitors to Europa-Park can look forward to a redesigned French themed area. With a fresh look, new attractions, and new gastronomic offerings, the Grande Nation will be the highlight of the coming season. Starting this summer, young and old alike will be able to look forward to the redesigned dark rollercoaster Eurosat, including yet another Coastiality experience. Also new this season is the arrival of the beloved bear Paddington to the English themed area, whereas in Greece, an entire ice show will be dedicated to the cuddly children’s book figure. In addition to that, over 100 attractions across an area of 95 hectares and more than 23 hours of daily show programmes will be sure to get hearts racing. Then, once the whole family has explored 15 European themed areas and experienced various adventures, the five park-owned themed hotels invite guests to relax and unwind together.

New Developments 2018
Europa-Park has made extensive structural changes to the French themed area. The refurbishment work has primarily focussed on the 45-metre high dark rollercoaster, Eurosat. The tracks, alongside all technical aspects and theming, will be completely renewed and revised by the summer. From then on, the Mack Rides family rollercoaster not only awaits its passengers to travel in newer, larger and more comfortable cars, but also offers a significantly improved riding experience. In addition to the redesign, visitors will also be able to look forward to an additional virtual reality experience from MackMedia. In order to make the innovative ride experience Eurosat Coastiality possible, a separate station with its own trains and track switches will, for the first time, be integrated into the dark ride rollercoaster. This means there will be two attractions in one ride. In memory of the inventor Franz Mack, and on request of the owners, the Mack family, the track layout will be inspired by the original design of the futuristic silver ball and will stay around 900 meters long. The entrance zone around the traditional landmark of the French themed area will also be given a new coat of paint during the course of the renovation: Exemplary Parisian architecture will invite visitors into the belle époque of the capital. Another novelty is the world of Madame Freudenreich Curiosités which will showcase in a typical half-timbered style and will replace the previous attraction Universe of Energy. In addition to the entrance area to the redesigned coaster, visitors of all ages can look forward to various scenarios in the House of the Great Dinosaur Fans and discover plenty of relics from the giants of the past. After this adventure, the floating bistro boat on the lake invites visitors to relax and revitalise on either of its two floors, but also to watch a spectacular water fountain show which is displayed several times per hour accompanied by traditional French music.
This season, the Mercedes-Benz Hall is once again a symbol for the fastest racing series in the world, after Mercedes-Benz winning the Formula 1 Double World Champion title for the fourth time in a row. The Formula 1-themed world MONACO is dedicated to the winning ‘Silver Arrows’, including their race drivers and full team. Horsepower fans big and small can immerse themselves in the fascinating world of Mercedes-AMG motorsport and experience one of the world’s most legendary and thrilling racetracks: the Monaco Grand Prix. The entire exhibition is full of the sporting, glamorous atmosphere of the principality. The centrepieces of the production ‒ supported by the spectacular scenery of Monaco in the form of large, emotive images ‒ are a Formula 1 vehicle, a safety car, and an exclusive show car. Additionally, visitors can discover the exciting electro mobility section, with the trend-setting EQ brand from Mercedes-Benz. MONACO embraces the endless fascination for speed and fast vehicles and gets people into the perfect mood for a fast rollercoaster ride on Silver Star.

This winter season, Paddington has made himself at home in Germany’s largest theme park. On Alpenexpress Coastiality in Austria, guests can travel with the popular children’s book character and actively influence the journey by moving their heads. This spring, there will also be plenty to discover in the English themed area when it comes to this cute stuffed animal with the big button eyes. Arriving at the Paddington Station on the steaming Panorama Train, visitors can look for various small souvenirs in the new shop. The beloved bear will also welcome visitors to Europa-Park as the main character in the new ice show ‘Surpr’Ice ‒ Paddington on Ice’. The 30-minute-long energetic and interactive show in the Greek themed area puts the cuddly bear and his favourite dish ‒ the marmalade sandwich ‒ in the centre and ensures the best in entertainment.

Rulantica ‒ The New Europa-Park Water World
Construction work is in full swing at the gates of the best theme park worldwide. In September 2017, Europa-Park laid the foundation for Rulantica and the first signs of the new water world can already be seen. By the end of 2019, the gigantic, 450,000-square-metre water themed resort extension will shine in full glory. Alongside Europe’s most popular theme park, a sensational water world will await guests all year round. An elaborate Nordic theme and 25 exciting water attractions guarantee an unforgettable adventure for the whole family. After an eventful day, the new adventure hotel Krønasår invites all creatures of the water, big and small, to dream and relax.

From 28th April 2018, visitors to Europa-Park will be given a first taste of the new attraction in the Baroque Teatro dell’Arte in the Italian themed area. In the new musical ‘Rulantica’, a simple ship’s boy dreams of someday becoming the captain of his own ship and embarks on an adventurous journey.

Across Europe
In the heart of the border triangle, between the Black Forest and Vosges, lies the best theme park worldwide. Whether Ireland, France or Spain ‒ 15 European themed areas with exemplary architecture, gastronomy, and vegetation are waiting to be discovered by visitors from around the world, embarking on a journey of discovery through Europe with over 100 attractions and shows and the promise of lots of fun and adventure for the whole family. Fans of high speeds can board one of the 13 spectacular rollercoasters at Europa-Park. In Iceland, the 110 km/h wooden rollercoaster WODAN ‒ Timburcoaster or the catapult rollercoaster blue fire Megacoaster powered by GAZPROM, which accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds, attract daredevils. Adrenaline enthusiasts will also get their money’s worth with a ride on the high-speed rollercoaster Euro-Mir in Russia or with a go on the 73-metre-high Silver Star in the French themed area.

But Germany’s largest theme park is not just a place for brave rollercoaster fans. Calmer minds can also find what their hearts desire: in Italy, guests float gently through the air with ‘Volo da Vinci’ and can enjoy the best of southern flair with ice cream and pasta. There is also Grimm’s Enchanted Forest, popular with all ages, where fabulous creatures such as Mother Hulda, Rapunzel, and Cinderella and their lovingly-staged stories wait behind every corner. On particularly warm summer days, the family-friendly Tirol Log Flume in Austria or the water rollercoaster Poseidon in Greece provide a welcome respite.

There are also over 23 hours of daily entertainment to enchant and inspire. At the Globe Theatre in the English themed area, visitors can now look forward to a wonderful acrobatic journey through times of Shakespeare and Sherlock Holmes to modern day. With a duration of around 4.5 hours, visitors of all ages can experience what is probably the longest show in the world at the Bamboe Baai restaurant in Holland, starting at the beginning of the season with ‘The House of the Chinese National Circus’. Alongside all that, Germany’s largest amusement park offers numerous event highlights throughout the year.

Fantastic Stays at the Europa-Park Hotel Resort
Once visitors from all over the world have experienced the paradise of adventure, cotton candy, and spectacle in the best theme park in the world, they can also discover numerous adventures in the five park-owned 4* themed hotels. Guests are offered a true-to-detail ambience and maximum comfort. Whether following in the footsteps of the Pilgrim Fathers in the Bell Rock, living the Italian ‘Dolce Vita’ in the Colosseo, Portuguese monastery atmosphere in the Santa Isabel or Spanish joy of life in the hotels El Andaluz and Castillo Alcazar ‒ at the Europa-Park Hotel Resort, there is the right place for every taste. Visitors can also look forward to a wide variety of culinary delights: Alongside the popular pizzeria La Romantica and the Ammolite ‒ The Lighthouse Restaurant which was awarded two Michelin stars for the third time in a row, as well as 17 Gault & Millau points, there are nine other restaurants and five bars available, leaving nothing to be desired. Beautifully designed relaxation and wellness areas also invite you to relax and unwind.

The Europa-Park Camp Resort offers another exceptional overnight stay with its rustic log cabins and various covered wagons. In the Tipi village, Wild West fans can sit around the campfire, and then later crawl into authentic Indian tents. For those who prefer to spend the night in their own home, there are 200 caravan parking spaces on the adjoining Europa-Park Camping site. With a Western-themed kiosk, modern sanitary facilities, water and electricity connections, as well as a tennis court, children’s playground, restaurant, and idyllic bathing lake, this is the place to pass the time.

Golf enthusiasts will also get their money’s worth when they visit Germany’s largest theme park. The Europa-Park Golf Club Breisgau e.V. in Herbolzheim-Tutschfelden spans an area of almost 90 hectares amidst beautiful vineyards. Offering both, a 9-hole and an 18-hole course, the terrain is ideal for all abilities.

From spring, a new Europa-Park Hotel App offers not just versatile information on the park’s own 4* and 4* superior hotels but also the opportunity to book rooms directly. Additionally, guests can learn everything about the current hotel programme allowing them to plan their stay even better. It will also soon be possible to reserve a table in one of the hotel restaurants or to book a wellness treatment via smartphone.

Leisure Fun in Every Season
For over 15 years, Europa-Park has welcomed visitors in four beautifully decorated seasons. While spring is all about new attractions and shows, summer promises great refreshment with sparkling attractions. Gloomy characters arrive on Halloween and 180,000 pumpkins bathe the best theme park in the world in bright orange. Then, just in time for the winter opening, Europa-Park transforms into a dreamlike winter wonderland with 2,500 Christmas trees, millions of lights and a fantastic show line-up.


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