Fantasilandia History

Fantasilandia is the most important amusement park in Chile with 44 attractions distributed in 8 hectares of natural forest, is currently the only place in the country that offers the most varied entertainment for all public with capacity to receive 7000 people simultaneously, located in the Park O'Higgins of the city of Santiago, has all the requirements in both security and entertainment to offer its visitors unique moments of great fun. Throughout its history, Fantasilandia has been permanently incorporating new and original attractions that have made it the most remembered place among Chileans.

Starting from scratch with only a clue of crashing cars that was delivered to Gerardo Arteaga (Founder) by a priest to be repaired in a metallurgical that he had at the time, when he fixed the track around a year later he installed it on the beaches of Viña del Mar and had his first experience of a fun industry. In the year 1974 Gerardo Arteaga was traveling visiting some ventures that he had in Brazil, that year the PlayCenter amusement park took place in Sao Paulo, he knew the park and its owner who told him about this project and it was what inspired Gerardo Arteaga to develop his own park based on the crashing cars and what he saw on that trip.

In 1977 work began on the creation of an amusement park focused on the family. Such a commotion caused this project that the press of the time made reference to that our country would finally have its own Disneyland.
The lack of places where the family could be distracted and enjoy in the city, prompted Gerardo Ortega and a group of friends to devise this project.
The initial investment was two million dollars and the games were brought from Europe.
On January 26, 1978 the park opened its doors to the public with only 8 attractions, including the roller coaster "Galaxy", "Sinister Mansion", "Octopus", "Century 2000", among others. Over the years the park has replaced many of its classic games with more modern entertainment such as "Tagada", "Xtreme Fall", "Boomerang" and "Raptor".
Then in 2007 Fantasilandia started working on a new water attraction to replace the old "Splash" with the "Tsunami", it was built in Chile under license of Intamin Un.G of Switzerland. With this milestone, the park celebrated its 30th anniversary. The "Magic Walk" Villa also opened in the Children's Zone, then located "Magic Cinema 3D", currently 4D Cinema.
In 2008 the second "Suspended Looping Coaster" was opened in South America. It was called "Raptor" and cost around 10 million dollars.
In 2009, three new attractions opened in the area of ​​the Children's Zone. These were "Rockin 'Tug", "Toing & Boing" and "Buggy Jump", all of them made in Italy by Zamperla. Then in 2010 the Swinger Wave (a ride of flying chairs) made by Zierer, which is called "Volare" and also a Condor ride built in Germany by HUSS, which was introduced in the park in 2011 under the name of Ikarus.
In December 2012, "Air race" was added, built by Zamperla celebrating 35 years since the park opened. A year later the roller coaster "Galaxy" was closed due to an accident and was removed from the park.
In December 2014, Fantasilandia began to build the "Moby Dick", manufactured by Wisdom Rides, which officially opened to the public in January 2015 occupying the place that had the Karting.
In December 2015, Fantasilandia announced to the public the opening of its new attraction "Tren Minero", which promises to be the longest in South America with a length of 785 meters and a maximum speed of 48.4 km / h, was built by Vekoma.
In December 2016, and after more than a year of absence of the attraction, Fantasilandia inaugurates a new Tagadá, built by Fabbri Group, which provides an improved experience with respect to the previous model thanks to its Led lighting and its 8 speakers located in 4 corners of the game, they were also added Samba Balloons and Happy Swing build by Zamperla.
In the celebration of its 40th anniversary, "FlyOver" was inaugurated in December 2017, a tower with 80 meters high flying chairs, equivalent to a 25-story building, which generates the sensation of being flying and offers its public a view of Santiago in 360 °. Its dimensions make it the highest attraction of all amusement parks in South America

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