Oct 21, 2017

Thrillridesphotography creater


Hello My name is Paul


Im the creator of this website and brand, i hope you're all enjoying the work of the team,

It's weird to think that we have only been taking photos in parks for less than a year now, and we have visited and seen so much,

The website was created in just 4 months from start to now, There is a long way to go but i'm at a point where i'm happy with it,

2017 was a great year for thrillridesphotography but i believe 2018 will be even bigger.

Favourite coaster Wildfire, Favourite park Phantasialand, Would be happy to give a miss at parks drop towers.

Oct 23, 2017

Hi Paul,


Let´s hope this site gets some more users :D


Wildfire is high on my list with coasters I want to ride!

Phantasialand is a very nice park and I am happy to live very close to it. Are you there often?

Oct 25, 2017

This year we have made the trip 5 times, and we will be back in 2018, but we have a few other parks we need to visit first,

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Thrillridesphotography are proud that we obey all Theme park Rules in regards to on ride filming. Public safety is always at the heart of what we do, We want to work with parks to deliver amazing photos for our followers and dont want to jeopardise it to gain a few followers.