Hansa Park History

Inauguration:15 May 1977

Location:Germany’s only event and theme park by the sea situated in the community of Sierksdorf by the Baltic Sea, 

Total area:about 460,000 square metres

Roofed area:about 17,000 square metres

Car parks:5,000 private car parking spaces; fee required

Development:May 1973: Opening of the family park "Legoland"

May 1977: Opening of the theme park "Hansaland"

July 1977Launch of the first original American Wild Water Ride in Germany

1978 Opening of Europe's then largest and most modern dome-roofed dolphinarium, seating 1,400 visitors

1979 Inauguration of a round cinema with giant screen, 70mm projection and action films from the USA; expansion of the Wild West town, Bonanza City

1980 Launch of the Schwarzkopf super roller coaster "Nessie" - then Europe's biggest looping coaster, Also it was Germany first looping coaster, the ride height is 26m the loop stood at 18m, and length 741m and a top speed of 79km/h

1981 Launch of the Huss giant swing boat, the "Flying Dutchman" Expansion of the Adventure Land

1982 Addition of a sea lion performance and a dog show to the show program

1983 Construction work starts on North Germany's largest show theatre offering 1,800 seats which are arranged in a semi-circle around a giant stage like in an ancient amphitheatre

1984 Inauguration of the show theatre; opening performance: Frank Elstner's show "Wetten, dass...?" [Bet You!] and celebrity guests

1985 Wim Thoelke's show "Der große Spaß" [Great Fun] is staged at the show theatre with many popular stars

1986 Opening of the Intamin water roller coaster "Super Splash" with a 20m [66ft] plunge and a gradient of 85% The Super Splash ride, a further development of the Shoot the Chute, is one of the most effective and popular family thrill rides. It is, however, also spectacular for all visitors just watching the large size boats accelerating down the ramp from the lift, either vertical or straight, hitting the water and creating a gigantic splash. A special track configuration in combination with the state-of-the-art boats (inclined seat arrangement whereas the passengers are sitting above the water line) makes this attraction very unique. Intamin’s water rides are generally acknowledged as the highest quality in the industry, Michael Schanze and his Plopper Party live with "Die Show vom Publikum - für's Publikum" [Show by the Audience for the Audience]

1987: Hansaland becomes HANSA-PARK  Opening of the Huss Holstein Tower a 100m gyro tower.

1988 Opening of the Aqua Stadium, starring the Acapulco cliff divers

1989 Launch of the Schwarzkopf  Metroliner - a world first and a big magnet for visitors, the fastest train in the world on a very narrow radius. With his motorized drive links, Metroliner completes the overlying course both forwards and backwards

1990 Premiere at the show theatre with "Das Geschenk des Zauberers" [The Magician's Present] - a journey into the world of magic, poetry and fairy tales

1991 Launch of Huss made "Flying Shark" and the "Storm Bird" and a New stage at the "Old-Time Fun Fair"

1992 Inauguration of a 3D cinema

1993 Dune Express a Vekoma "Racing Roland" opened which was built to interact with Nessie it was also called "Rendezvous in the Loop because Roland and Nessie meet in the middle of Nessie's Riesenloop, in which one could think of shaking hands with one another."Glass-enclosed escalators, leading from the car park to the main entrance

1994 Inauguration of the central Service and Information Centre with a cafeteria at the main entrance, Hansa put a stop of dolphin shows at the park,

1995 Opening of the "Kiddie Camp"
First comic parade with our 5 comic characters

1996 Launch of the Zamperla "Pow Wow" - a covered roundabout ride for the whole family and the Launch of "Fun & Sweets" - a huge indoor play centre offering playing fun for the whole family
1997: 20-year anniversary and biggest expansion in the history of the Park the Anniversary show in the Variety Theater was Erix Logan, the superstar who can fly. Furthermore, many special events in the anniversary year, such as the flying human cannonball , or the Roberos death ball and motorcyclists in a steel cage.also crazy mine a Maurer Söhne rollercoaster.

1998 Launch of the raft water slide Barracuda Slide a wavy water ride unique in North Germany Manufactured by van Egdom

1999 Construction phase I of the new Mexican theme world "Plaza del Mar"

2000 The new millennium is ushered in with the launch of two super ride attractions: Launch of the "Rio Dorado" - the only river rafting ride in Germany and a Power Tower "Monte-Zuma a Maurer Söhne prototype  standing 50m tall

2001 Three attractions for families with toddlers:
"Pony Express"- an exciting ride into the prairie
"Indian River" - a canoeing trip through the river rapids of the Wild West and
"La Torre Rapida" for all up-and-coming high-flyers
2002: 25-year anniversary with numerous new attractions such as Space Scooters and the Parade of Lights by the sea, unique in North Germany

2003 Construction work on the Mexican-themed area ends with the completion of the "Plaza San Antonio"

2004 Opening of the North's top family attractions: "PandaVision" in 4D and a whole bunch of new themed events and the unrivalled Cosmic Coaster
2005: Launch of the then highest flying carousel in the world Torre del Mar But despite the impressive ride height of 63 meters, the Torre del Mar was hunted down the title "highest flight carousel in the world" shortly after one year. From his 10-metre-tall brother, the Star Flyer "Himmelskibet" in Tivoli . The current highest of its kind is currently in the American Six Flags Park New England, with a height of 125 metres, and is called SkyScreamer

2006 Opening of the first high-rope garden at a leisure park that features an innovative technique
2007 30-year anniversary, Opening of the first construction phase of the HANSA-PARK RESORT BY THE SEA - a first such resort in Germany. Launch of the "Stormy Dragon Boat Ride" - water fun for the whole family

2008 Inauguration of the "Holstentor" - the first construction phase of the planned theme world "The HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE" Expansion of the Navajo Trail high-rope garden to become the highest and largest high-rope garden of its kind (Sky Trail) at a leisure park Europe-launch of the ride attraction "The Bell" - offering flying and spinning fun for adrenaline fans that’s unrivalled in the world

2009 Launch of the "Curse of Novgorod"

2010 Completion of the 2nd and 3rd section of the theme world "The HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE": Bruges, Visby, Lübeck, Hamburg and Rostock

2011 Official opening of the family coaster, the "Midgard Serpent"
Completion of the 4th section of the theme world "The HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE": Bruges, Groningen and Paris

2012 Completion of the 5th section of the theme world "The HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE": London, Ribe and Bergen

2013 Completion of the 6th section of the theme world "The HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE": Lübeck, Copenhagen, Bremen, Frankfurt am Main, Goslar and Nuremberg

2014 Opening of the "Fondaco dei Tedeschi" - the large indoor playland for the whole family

2015 Launch of the hypercoaster "The Oath of KÄRNAN" The Steel hypercoaster is the first coaster Makes Gerstlauer have made that goes over 200ft. Infact Karnan is 239ft tall its also the only full-circuit hypercoaster with inversions in Europe, It features a LSM launch and a vertical lift hill ans only 1 inversion by from looking at the ride it seems a lot more and the trains have lap bars which always gives a better ride experience.

2016 Opening of the HANSA Swing Ride

2017 Opening of the 3m tall Preston & Barbieri S.R.L. made children’s roller coaster “The Little Tsar”

We would like to thank Hansa Park for supplying us with the above information,

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