Kolmården Park History

Kolmården Wildlife park is one of Scandinavia’s most exciting experiences! Nestled in the beautiful countryside south of Stockholm, covering 1.5 square kilometres (370 acres), Kolmården Wildlife Park is among the most popular tourist attractions in the Nordic countries.

Home to 600 animals from all over the world, Kolmården offers activities for the entire family. In the Dolphin Show “Life”, an international hit, dolphins leap from the water into the hearts of the audience. Board the Safari gondola, the only one of its kind in the world, to quietly glide close above lions and giraffes. Come face to face with big cats in Tiger World, and watch enthralled as raptors swoop overhead in the Birds of Prey Show “Wings”.

Here you can also meet Bamse – the world’s strongest bear – and his friends in a magical world of their own.

There are plenty of accommodation options to suit your plans. Vildmarkshotellet is an African-themed hotel adjacent to the park, with fabulous sea views. If you really want to experience the animals close up, the Safari Camp tent village is the place to stay.

Welcome to one of the world’s most beautiful theme parks!

So i bet your wondering why we would feature a wildlife park on a theme park based website?

Well Kolmården is home to one of the best roller coasters in the world, And currently our number 1 coaster


April 2014, Kolmården released details of a new rollercoaster to open in 2016, it was to be called 

Wildfire and it was to be Rocky Mountain Construction's first in Europe with Vekoma manufacturing the power and control systems of the ride and even the trains.


On 28 October 2016, the coaster ceased operations after only one season when its permit was revoked by the government citing environmental concerns. Speculation ensued that the ride may be torn down as a result. On 28 January 2017, a report surfaced that Wildfire would be allowed to remain standing while a license to continue operation was being discussed. The zoning for the roller coaster was officially approved by the county's council in March 2017, and Wildfire reopened in June 2017. we just hope that the Kolmården keep the license to run wildfire for years to come.

With a top speed of 113 km / h, three inversions, a first drop angle of 83 degrees at 57 meters , it offers a two-minute ride on a breathtaking adrenaline kick along the Bråviken mountain slopes with 12 events of total weightlessness.

On top of Wildfire you have a magical view of Bråviken.

Wildfire won the golden ticket award in 2016 for top wooden coaster which we believe is well deserved,

This was the first RMC coaster we have experienced and it did not disappoint. The location of this ride is one of the best we have seen, When you walk down the hill towards the entrance you look up and all you can say is WOW! The wooden frame matches the location perfectly, If you carry on walking down the hill you get some great views of the massive first drop and into the first inversion and then the train disappearing into the wood until you see it come out of nowhere in the middle of the second inversion, This had to be the most photogenic coasters we have seen recording up to 300 photos while being there.

Roller Coasters

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