Liseberg History

Liseberg AB operates Liseberg amusement park, in the centre of Gothenburg. The amusement park opened during Gothenburg’s 300th anniversary exhibition in 1923, and has been owned by the City of Gothenburg ever since.

Today, the amusement park has 40 rides and attractions, as well as games, games of fortune, music stages, a dance floor, indoor arenas and a large number of restaurants and cafés – all set in green parkland. There is accommodation close to the amusement park, comprising a hotel, cabins, camping and bed & breakfast. The accommodation facilities are open all year round, as is the Rondo show venue.


The amusement park has three seasons: the summer season, which runs from April to mid-October; the Halloween season, when the park is open for a week during the autumn break; and Christmas at Liseberg, which starts in mid-November and continues until New Year. Liseberg is also open for conferences and corporate events all year round. Liseberg takes great pride in ensuring that the park offers something for all its guests. For the youngest of all there is Rabbit Land, full of wonderful rides that make you a little dizzy, and for older kids and brave adults there are Liseberg’s challenging world-class rides, such as Helix, Balder, AtmosFear and Mechanica.


Liseberg also organises many concert s, and during summer there is a wide selection of daily performances, from popular Gothenburg bands on the Taubescenen stage, to international stars on the Stora Scenen stage – all included in the admission price. Polketten dance floor also offers the opportunity to dance or take dancing lessons almost every day of the week. The traditional Scandinavian pleasure garden from which Liseberg grew is lovingly preserved in the gardens and planted areas, with exuberant flower beds surrounding green spaces that are perfect for a picnic. The wide range of entertainment, cosy cafés and high-quality restaurants combine to create a setting that also appeals to guests who are not fans of fast rides.


Liseberg is a wholly owned subsidiary of Göteborg Stadshus AB, which is directly owned by the City of Gothenburg. The company has about 380 full-time employees and 2,400 seasonal employees and has got annual sales of approximately SEK 1.1 billion.

Liseberg’s Expansion Plans

In early 2017, the Gothenburg City Council approved Liseberg’s Expansion Plans. In conjunction with Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary in 2021, Liseberg intends to build a water park and a themed destination hotel south of – but linked to – the current amusement park.

Water park

The water park will be indoor, open all year and will be characterised by high thematic and experiential quality. It will have a wide array of offerings to appeal to all types of guests, both locals and tourists:


  • 17 000 gross m² indoor

  • 2 800 guests can use the facilities at the same time

  • 8 leisure pools

  • 10 water slides

  • 3 water play areas

  • 400 seat restaurant




Destination hotel

The hotel will be a natural, integrated part of the Liseberg Park, with large communal areas open for both hotel guests and other visitors. The hotel will be highly themed, focusing on families and children:


  • 31 000 gross m²

  • 453 rooms, all with 4–6 beds

  • 550 seats in main restaurant

  • 250 seats in themed restaurant

  • 150 seats in roof bistro

  • 1,350 m² meeting and event space

  • 700 m² spa

Valkyria – New 2018

In the mighty shadow of the valkyrie you are chosen for the ultimate challenge. Summon up all your courage and strength, because in order to rise you must first fall. Straight down!


Europe's longest Dive Coaster, with a vertical 50-metre-drop. Just as you are about to go over the edge the ride suddenly pauses. Before you plunge vertically into an underground tunnel at a speed of 105 kph!


If you can’t wait until 2018, you’ll be able to take a virtual ride on Valkyria this year. Liseberg’s new Myths & Legends section will feature Valkyria VR – a virtual experience with six simulator chairs with virtual reality headsets to give people a taste of things to come.



Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard

Attraction type:  Dive Coaster

Length:  Around 750 m

Height:  47 m

Drop:  50 m (incl. underground section)

Max. speed: 105 kph

Number of passengers/ride: 3 trains x 18 passengers

Capacity: 1,100 passengers/hour

Roller Coasters

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