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The Oakwood Theme Park was originally called Oakwood Leisure Park, Oakwood Coaster County and Oakwood Park. 

The park is located in Pembrokeshire Wales and opened in the late 1980's as an extremely small family orientated park. When the park originally opened, it was incredibly small and contained BMX's, a wooden fort, a 3D styled cinema experience, a water chute ride, and go-karts. They now, after much improvement, and much higher rates in visitors, have incorporated Megafobia, a wooden coaster, Vertigo, a large swing where the rider lays on their stomach in a harness, Bounce, a shock tower, Drenched, a water coaster; this was originally debuted as Hydro but due to an incident with a rider falling out of the boat, was rebranded. Finally, Speed, the first Euro-Fighter in the UK, and at the time was the steepest ride in the UK but was then taken over by Thorpe Park's Saw: The Ride and Mumbo Jumbo at Flamingo Land resort. 

In 1988, the family-friendly dark ride Nutty Jake's Gold Mine and was accompanied in 1991 with Jake's Music Hall animatronic stage show, which was then placed into a land named 'Jake's Town'. 

In 1989, the Treetops Family Roller Coaster was manufactured and is a junior coaster still located in the back end of the park.

In 1994, Snake River Falls, a family water ride was incredibly important to benefit the small park, the falls caused the discharge of 2 of the original 8 assault courses, as it was built on the zip line area of one of them. 

There was a play town farm for children including a tractor ride being developed and planned in 1995, however, this idea never became a reality. 

Megafobia the CCI-built wooden coaster was manufactured in 1996 an is still at the park today, it has been rated among some of the best in Europe by many different enthusiasts and in the recent 2016 has celebrated being apart of the park for 20 years.

1997 introduced Vertigo the sky coaster was added into Play Town and acted as a general park facelift. 

In 1999, the assault course, one of Oakwood's original attractions was the first to face demolishment due to the new expansion of the park. This was axed so that the Bounce Shock Tower was able to be built on March 27. A tourist information centre was also created as well as a first aid base, because of how many occurrences of lost children, lost properties and sometimes complaints.

The 2000's witnessed the destruction of Jake's Town, Voodoo Mansion now is situated where the Music Hall once was, and Play Town is revamped with the launch of Kidz World and the introduction of the Wacky Factory.

Nutty Jake's Gold Mine which closed in 2000 was transformed into Brer Rabit's Burrow in 2001. 

Hydro is introduced in 2002 and becomes the biggest ride to arrive since Megafobia six years before, and the Senior and Junior go-karts are demolished.

In 2003, Voodoo Mansion is rebranded to Spooky 3D for Whitsun. 

2004 introduced Plane Crazy upon the site of the previous Junior go-karts.

Due to the Hydro accident in the Easter of 2004, Speed does not arrive as well as hoped in 2005. Hydro is eventually reopened following closure through almost all of the 2004 season, it reopens with a new boat interior, much better restraints, a degree of new branding, primarily the colour red. The Magic Factory was also a new children's attraction for this year, the after dark show loses it's laser-water screen and is replaced with 'dancing' fountains, a series of illuminated water jets which are choreographed to water.

2006 saw Speed the Euro-Fighter, now Speed: No Limits, is opened on the location of where the previous Senior go-karts were.

The Oakwood Premier Theatre is now relocated from New Orleans back to Wacky Factory's location, next to Plane Crazy. Wacky is then moved into the Lost Kingdom, resulting in the Lost Kingdom losing its bouncy castles. The prices of park tickets also decline to £2.9 just for the 20th year celebration day only.

In 2008 the Late Night entertainment was cut to only one outdoor show, with the removal of the fountains. The fireworks were also relocated behind speed due to the parks' neighbouring site Bluestone. The parks future late-night entertainment is now set to be doubtful due to the parks new management. 

In 2009, the new Spanish owners, 'Aspro Ocio S.A' abolish the summer entertainment in the evening, 'After Dark'. The park extends it's opening hours for an hour and during August all entertainment is cut. No new attractions are added making 2009 the third consecutive year with no development.

There was a new logo released, Bounce was repainted red and white, and had a new interior design in 2010. 

Hydro's name is changed to 'drenched' and the park has a new internal facelift in 2011, this also comes with water cannons to a newly created viewing platform near to the Drenched ride, a new traditional sweet shop opens, late night opening is introduced meaning the park was still open until 10 pm. Fireman Sam made an appearance and a high dive show opened in July running daily until the end of August. Brer Rabbit was rethemed for October half term to 'Scare Rabbit's Hollow'.

In 2013, Kidz World is removed and Neverland opens, the brings rides consisting of Skull Rock the log flume, Crocodile Coaster, Tink's Flying School (previously Plane Crazy), Neverland Chase, Lost Boys Adventure, Jolly Rogers, Hooks House of Havoc, Journey to Neverland, Aerodrome and the London Taxi Ride.

2014 introduced The Legend of Sleepy Hollow which should have opened in the summer but was pushed back a year and eventually replaced Brer Rabit.

In 2016, there were further improvements occurring around the park and the announcement of Dahl Land, to be based on the books of Roald Dahl, to open that year. This was unfortunately delayed making 2016 the third year with no new rides. The introduction of 'Spooktacular' however, was a bit hit- containing 'Spooked alive: House of Horrors', 'The curse of the lost souls' and two scare zones. 

2017, the latest year saw the introduction of Flight of the Giant Peach is opened in Dahl Land.

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