Parque Warner Madrid 


Parque Warner Madrid is one of the most complete and advanced theme parks in Europe. It has 700,000 m2 that are divided into five large thematic areas: Hollywood Boulevard, Warner Bros. Studios, DC Super Heroes World, Old West and Cartoon Village. Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid had a grand opening on 5 April 2002 with 10,000 invited guests including Bo Derek and Christopher Lambert as special guests, the weather on the day of opening wasnt the best but the event was like a movie with Fireworks, animation through the streets, lights shows.

The park was opened to the general public on 6 April 2002, and was managed by Six Flags until November 2004, although it only had a 5% share in the park, with the majority shareholder being the Community of Madrid, with 40% of the shares (other shareholders included Caja Madrid 20%, 15% Fadesa, El Corte Inglés 5%, NH Hotels 5%). In 2002, director Pilar Azcárraga said that visitors' satisfaction was around 90%, but union sources put it at 50%.

The rollercoasters that opened at park opening was Batman: Arkham Asylum is a Bolliger & Mabillard invested steel roller coaster. It is located in the "DC Super Heroes World" location in the park. It is a clone of Batman: The Ride which is located at various Six Flags parks. Standing at a height of 105ft hits 50mph with 5 inversions.  Superman: La Atracción de Acero is a steel floorless roller coaster at Parque Warner Madrid in Spain. It was built by Bolliger and Mallibard it stands at 164ft and a top speed of 64mph and features 7 inversions: a vertical loop, an Immelmann, a zero-g roll, a cobra roll and two interlocking corkscrews. It has the signature B&M pre-drop before going down a straight drop, instead of a turning drop like on most B&M looping coasters.

Coaster Express a intamin made Wooden roller coaster and its the tallest and longest wooden roller coaster in Europe with a  length of 1.250 metres.

Located in Old West Territory, its impressive skyline makes it a superb ride, you can see it from practically any corner of the park, it's an authentic icon.

In its downwards drop, from 45 metres high 120ft, the Coaster-Express is one of the fastest wooden roller coasters it reaches 95 km/h at top speed. It then glides through two large helix of 590º and 520º, as well as the 100,000 screws that join together the wooden tracks, make it an irresistible machine. and the final extreme rollercoaster at opening was Stunt Fall a Giant Inverted Boomerang shuttle coaster that drops riders down 177-feet to reach a top speed of 65 mph. The 1,204-feet of steel track hits three inversions - a 110-foot tall double inverting cobra roll and a 102-foot tall vertical loop. Since it's a shuttle coaster riders get to experience it twice, once going forwards and the second time going backwards for a total of six inversions in just over a minute and a half. And a family coaster Tom y Jerry coaster a Zierer, 

La Lanzadera was the first attraction of the park to be built, even before the sets, since huge cranes were needed to assemble it and needed great mobility La Lanzadera is an attraction that consists of three towers of controlled fall or towers combos. They were designed by the company S & S Power. It is the second highest drop tower in Europe , after Le Donjon de l'extrême in Nigoland, France.

In 2003 talked started coming out of the park about a possible Hotel a water park and golf course but unfortunately this didnt happen the park blamed oil prices and the lack of European leisure culture.   

On 3 April 2004, Six Flags would sell all of its European parks, with the exception of Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid, to StarParks, a subsidiary of Palamon Capital Partners. Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid was instead sold back to Time Warner and renamed "Warner Bros. Park" at the end of the 2004 season.


In 2006, the park was renamed again to "Parque Warner Madrid". This season saw the premiere of two new shows, Police Academy 2 and Batman Begins, the latter based on the latest movie from Warner Brothers and DC Comics. Both received good reviews from visitors to the park.

The 2008 season saw two further developments: a family water attraction called Oso Yogui and a new show, The Music of Bugs Bunny, based around the glamor of Hollywood in a performance reminiscent of the great Broadway musicals.

On 17 June 2014, a water park named Parque Warner Beach was opened. The €8.5 million park spans 30,000 square metres (320,000 sq ft) and features two wave pools, a lazy river and two water play areas. Like parts of the original theme park, Parque Warner Beach is themed around Looney Tunes, Hanna Barbera and DC Comics characters.


On 13 May 2017, Parque Warner Madrid was host to the first ever National Gavin Kelly Day. Gavin Kelly himself was an attendee on this day and enjoyed many of the parks attractions before he turned green and puked his ring up in a bin.

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