Phantasialand History

Phantasialand is a theme park located in Bruhl Germany,The park is regarded has having some of the best rides and themed areas in Europe.


The parked opened in 1967 and started off has a family park then started to add more thrilling rides later on, the first roller coaster at the park was Gebirgsbahn made by schwarzkopf  which opened in 1975 followed by Grand canyon bahn a powered coaster also made by schwarzkopf.

The next main addition to the park in 1988 was a roller coaster temple of the night hawk which is a indoor coaster which was made by Vekoma which is still in operation today,

The next roller coaster added to the park was in 1996 Colorado adventure which was also manufactured by Vekoma, the coaster was opened by Micheal Jackson which was a close friend to the park its believed that he also owned one of the carousels.

In May 2001 there was a fire at the park that destroyed two roller coasters and a theatre, the fire caused £17.8 million of damage, Fifty-four people were injured as the fire spread, and thousands fled in panic. More than 150 passengers had to scramble down 18-metre ladders to escape the flames. Firefighters with 100 appliances from around the region were brought in to put out the fire. After an investigation it was found that the fire started by faulty wiring on grand canyon bahn. The park was reopened 2 weeks later and the park invested 2million euros installing fire safety equipment and sprinkler systems in all buildings.

Winjas was the next roller coaster to open in 2002 at the park they were made by Maurer Rides this is a indoor coaster and the ride has 2 unique track layouts one side fear and the other side force.

2002 was a big year for the park with other big rides also opening this included Mystery Castle a Intamin cable drop tower and also River quest built by Hafema (which we believe to be one of the wettest rapids we have been on) and it houses a unique lift system to start the ride.

in 2006 Phantasialand partnered with B&M to build a inverted coaster the African themed Black Mamba which cost 11 million euros, The ride is a much quieter b&m invert this is because the track in filled with sand and also built below ground. the same year the park opened its own hotels.

Phantasialand continued to invest more money into the park adding another thrill ride in 2007. Talocan  is a huss Suspended top spin which features front and back seating people believe this to be one of the scariest rides in the world and it always gathers large crowds just to watch the ride.

A few smaller rides were installed in 2010 but the next big investment came in 2014 Chiapas a massive log flume which features 3 lift hills a backwards element and disco area and the steepiest drop on a log flume 53 degrees drop,

But the best was yet to come in 2016 intamin started work on a world record beating roller coaster Taron this was placed in the new Klugheim area at the time of writing this Klugheim 2 coasters held 6 world records Fastest Multi Launch coaster 72MPH / Longest Multi Launch coaster 4,593ft /  most intersecting track points 58 / Fastest Catapult Drive (LSM) in the world (now beaten by Red Force Ferrari land) Raik Longest Family Boomerang 689ft and Fastest Family Boomerang 38.5MPH.

Phantasialand is currently the 12th most attended park in europe with over 1.9 million guests in 2016, Up 5.0% from 2015 3rd highest growth which shows investing in the park really does work.

So whats next for the park?

Well they continue to grow the park, They are currently building another worlds first, The worlds first launched flying roller coaster, we believe this could be manufactured by Vekoma the roller coaster should be open in 2018. The coaster is also said to be the longest flying roller coaster in the world.

Roller Coasters

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