Port Aventura History

Port Aventura is one of europe's most popular theme parks destinations,

The park opened its gates in 1995 by a consortium involving the Tussauds Group, Anheuser-Busch and Universal In 1997, Universal bought up most shares in the park and the park was re-branded as 'Universal's Port Aventura' which made it the first Universal Studios Theme Park in Europe. and till this date still the only one that's been in Europe.

The park opened with a world record beating coaster Dragon Khan, which featured 8 inversions and stayed on top until 2002 where it was beaten by colossus at Thorpe Park, And also the worlds tallest vertical  loop standing at a massive 36m (118ft) which was beaten by Manta a year later. The other coaster that the park opened with was El Diablo

In 1997 Port Aventura opened up another two coasters one being a racing wooden coaster Stampida and tomahawk a junior wooden coaster.

Under the Universal umbrella in 2000 the park built two hotels and a water park which are still in operation today. After the hotels and water park was constructed Universal changed the name to Universal Mediterranea

In 2004 Universal sold all interest in Port Aventura. its now owned by la caixa banking group's investment vehicle Criteria. so in 2005 they dropped the universal and was now called Port Aventura again.

In 2005, the park's 10th anniversary, the park opened Hurakan Condor, An Intermin drop tower standing at 115m (376ft)


In 2007 they broke another record in europe, It also marked another partnership with Intamin building their first Wing coaster Furius Baco, a launched coaster with speeds of 83.9MPH the fastest in europe at the time.

2011 saw the start of a 12 million Euro new partnership with Sesame street,

with an area dedicated to Sesame Street, being the only theme park in Europe

It is home to 11 rides including:

  • CocoPiloto – A monorail around the area.

  • Tami-Tami – A roller coaster for children.

  • Magic Fish – A water carousel with jet-ski cars.

  • El salto de Blas – A drop-tower for children.

  • La granja de Elmo – A ride to visit Elmo's farm.

In 2012 yet more records for the park, Port Aventura teamed up with Manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard, To build one of the tallest and fastest Hypercoasters in Europe at 256ft tall and reaching speeds of upto 83MPH. It also has the longest drop of any roller coaster in the continent. Land clearing for the coaster began in the summer of 2011 and the name of the coaster was announced to the public on October 24th 2011. The ride was to be called Shambhala and the layout of the coaster was leaked just 2 days before. The last piece of track was installed in mid April 2012 following a signature event and the placement of several country flags on the track. Testing of the ride began in the same month. Following the completion of testing, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held on May 12, 2012 before opening to the public the same day.

Not much has happened around the park since then from the Port Aventura park, But in 2017 Ferrari land opened next to the park, For information on Ferrari land click here

(the space in the name is deliberately left out for trademark reasons)

Roller Coasters

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