Phantasialand the engagement.

Hello again, today I am going to share with you my proposal to my Fianceé Gemma. This took place at Phantasialand Germany December 2017.

The Planning:

This plan goes back to March 2017. My partner and I have been together for 6 years I have decided to pop the question, but where to do it? This question bothered me for a while. Where do two coaster enthusiasts get engaged, then it hit me, it had to be a Theme park, But where… A few of the UK parks did cross my mind but I soon rejected the idea, this had to be special and unfortunately none of the UK parks have that special factor anymore. I played around with a few parks in my mind but kept on thinking about Phantasialand at winter. That was it, I had settled on it. I Booked Wintertraum December 2017

The airport:

Oh gosh, here we go. Up to now this has been a nightmare, just getting the ring on this plane has nearly given me a heart attack. Firstly, how to get a ring on board a plane without your partner seeing it. I knew I couldn’t take it through security. Just imagine if my bags got checked and they pulled out the ring, the whole plan would have been ruined and I wasn’t taking that risk. So, I hatched a plan to hide it in my socks within the suitcase. Mission accomplished. We are sat having the obligatory 6 am airport beer and everything looks on track. Then as I hear an announcement I feel the blood drain to my feet, that’s right plane delayed due to snow in Germany. I quietly said to myself “you have got to be fu******* kidding me”. I’m now thinking all sorts, where is the suitcase, where’s the ring, are we even going to get to Germany. Anyhow 2 hours later the plane turns up and I can finally breathe again. Off we trot, just over a hour later we touch down to a very cold Germany.

Check-in and Map checking.

We have arrived, 2 trains and a bus later. So now I must devise the actual proposal plan. Yes, I had thought about asking her on Taron just before the first launch, but I had to hold back. Firstly, I would have probably dropped the ring and secondly I think she would have thought I really was taking the……….. As I sit in the hotel room, I must add a very nice room, but we will talk more about that in the actual Phantasialand blog that will follow this.

I pull out the park map, I sit there pretending just to be interested in the map but actually looking for the perfect place. Thinking back now I don’t know how I was ever going to plan from a very unrealistic park map but hey. I think nerves had really set in now and I was just panicking. I very subtly retrieve the ring from the socks and hide it within my coat.

Ok things have got real now.

This is actually going to happen. I know I want to do it when the sun has gone down, and the park has got all the Christmas lights on, I still have not got a clue where to ask the question. We now have a few hours before the sun goes down so let’s get some rides done.

We take in all the delights this park has to offer and watch some shows and the day is going really well. I really do think I have made the right choice of park to propose in, But I still have this huge headache of where to do it arrggghhhh it’s driving me crazy. I need some Dutch courage time to find me some alcohol.

As the sun starts to set over Phantasialand, Gemma doesn’t have a clue and it’s just the way I wanted it. I have now set my heart on doing it at the bottom of the main strip, under the lights next to the fountains. We have just had 2 rides on Taron so it’s a walk back to where the fountains are. I’m ready ring is still in the pocket everything is set. But no, I can’t do it here. There were literally hundreds of people stood there. I wouldn’t have minded on or two, but I couldn’t face doing it in front of everyone. I make up some stupid excuses for why we have just walked all the way here and decided to mooch on.

A couple of more rides go by and I am now very aware time is not on my side and flying away. I make the call. Let’s go to the China area of the park. It looks nice and if I remember righty there were not to many people around that area earlier in the day.

We arrive in the China area of the park and to my absolute delight it’s dead just the odd couple wandering about. This is it its going to happen right now.

The proposal:

This picture was taken about 3 seconds before I dropped to one knee and asked the question. But I hear you ask how did we get to this position. Well I told her that it would make a lovely picture if she stood there, basically I just wanted her to be stood in front of me with enough space for me to get down on one knee. With that it I asked her to marry me, at first there was shock and tears, but she did say yes. Finally, I can breathe again. It’s done, and it truly was a never racking moment. It worked out perfectly and went fantastically well.

Gemma was very happy with it, and the park set up for the winter event made it very special.

If anyone out there is as mad as we are and wants to propose in a Theme park then this park is perfect.

We shall talk again soon in the Phantasialand park BLOG.

Phantasialand December 2017


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