The closing of a iconic rollercoaster

Blackpool Pleasure Beach closes Wild Mouse

On the 6th January, Blackpool Pleasure Beach released a statement out on Twitter, and a very sad one at that.

‘After very careful consideration and planning, our current winter work programme has seen the permanent closure and dismantling of the Wild Mouse and the removal of the façade of the former Trauma Towers attractions. This will create an area for future exciting developments.’

It truly was a sad day for the park, losing one of the classic rides.

In 1955, the rides design was started, along with the construction. The ride was originally designed by Frank Wright, and was built in-house. It was the first major ride at the Pleasure Beach since World War 2. It opened to the public in 1958 to positive reviews. In the 1960’s, the ride was modified by the Velare Brothers. They made the track 1/3 longer by adding a bigger drop and a shallower dip preceding the switchbacks on the top circuit. More recently, they added trim brakes, although these were hardly ever turned on.

During the 1m 30s ride experience, riders would experience many sharp turns, and intense head choppers. It was known as one of the most intense and extreme Wild Mouse’s in the world. Sadly, there’s not much to compare, as this one has closed, there are only three like it remaining in the world. We believe there was many incidents belonging to this ride, did that play a part in it closing down? No park wants incidents in its parks especially while a new ride is being built that's going to bring people from all over the world to ride it,

However, now the ride has closed, and enthusiasts and public alike are very sad to hear it, what will come next at Blackpool Pleasure Beach? With Icon opening this season, and the space it took up, it most likely will be a flat. However, one can dream. Let’s hope it’s not going to be another restaurant! Watch this space…

Joe Marks

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