My Top 10 coasters 2017

My top 10 coasters.

As it’s a new year I have finally sat down to put together my top ten. I have never done this in the past mainly due to the fact that I could never pick a top ten. But I have deliberated over this for a while now. Let’s take a look.

10: Nemesis (Alton Towers)

So the King of B&M’s makes the top ten. This coaster is still an absolute beauty, I love the theme, the paint job and the general feel of the coaster. Yes, it’s certainly not the longest coaster in the world at 2,349 feet but it does pack a punch. From the moment you get released from the lift hill, it keeps me smiling through all the elements. It also makes the top 10 for how smooth this coaster still is. I an not too fussy with how a coaster rides but Nemesis does ride really smooth. The final point for why I love this coaster is how it looks at night. With the lights of scarefest this coaster looks amazing it also is a completely different ride in the dark and is always a must during the darker months.

9: Olympia looping.

Olympia looping / Munich looping of whatever we are calling it this week. So, when this coaster first arrived in the UK 2 years ago at Hyde Park the Hype Train started. Now this coaster was Hyped up by most of the theme park enthusiasts. But we headed off to give it a go. Firstly, this coaster looks beautiful, also a big drag to this coaster is how good the operations are. It’s a long ride and not the smoothest out there, but the ride is intense. Is it a 5-loop coaster? Well, I think its 4 loops with the first inversion being more like a big corkscrew but that’s just me. Don’t let that distract you from how good this coaster is, it had to be in the top 10. Also, remember this is a traveling coaster.

8: Cu Chulainn (Tayto Park)

So earlier last year I made the trip out to Tayto park with a bunch of enthusiasts from Pleasure beach experience. The Main draw to this park is Cu Chulainn a fantastic coaster from the Gravity Group. It’s a huge coaster, packed with air time and banked turns including the overbank curve. It does have the strange lap bars that I am still undecided if I like them or not. But after 20 somethings rides on this Woodie I can honestly say I absolutely love it. The only reason this coaster sits at number 8 is due to the fact there is absolutely no theming to it at all. Its just plonked on its site. Who knows, the theming may be added later with Tayto being a relatively new park.

7: The Big One (Blackpool pleasure beach)

I’m sure not many people will agree with me on this one, but….. I have probably ridden The Big One more than any other coaster in the world. I don’t know what the attraction is, but I think its fantastic. Maybe it’s more nostalgia more than anything. This was the first real thrill coaster I rode back when it first opened and from that day forward I have loved the thing. Yes, it jolts a little, but I really don’t mind it. It still stands as the tallest coaster in the UK and I still find it a really thrilling ride. That long lift hill into the first drop is brilliant. It also stays in my top ten due to the fact it makes up the skyline of Blackpool. Absolutely love it.

6: Cheater hunt (Busch Gardens)

I am a sucker for launch coasters as we are about to find out as we get further down this list. But cheater hunt has 3 launches. Granted they are not the fastest of launches but still… I am a big fan of this coaster and of intimin itself. I don’t have an awful lot to say for this ride as I think it speaks for its self. I love how it hugs the ground and I really do think that is the section of the coaster when you drop to the ground and run through the s bends. I really don’t think there was the need to add the only inversion (heartline roll). The paint job works really well on this ride and the train design is blinking brilliant. It’s a fantastic coaster and was a great addition to the park. It’s always a must when in Florida. I would really love to see them invest in lap restraints on this ride in the future.

5: Black mamba (Phantasialand)

So we are into the top 5 and another B&M invert makes the cut. This one located at Phantasialand is something else. Wow I love this coaster. In 3 days I lost count how many times I rode it. This coaster runs so well, it’s themed fantastically and has plenty of elements. I love the fact that you come off the lift hill straight into the loop, no messing around. Lots of tunnels on this coaster that also adds to the ride experience. It’s by far the best B&M I have ridden. Yet again riding this coaster in the dark is a very good experience. I really couldn’t keep up to what part of the ride we were at when we rode it in the dark, it really plays with your mind. If you haven’t ridden this one it’s an absolute must.

4: Furius Baco (PortAventura)

Here we go I can hear you all screaming why why why. Well like I said I have a soft spot for launch coaster. Most of the enthusiast community complain about this coaster for it’s roughness, but I honestly couldn’t care less out how rough it is. That initial launch is just wow. 0 – 83.9mph in 3.5s.

It does need lap bars but for the time being I can live with the over the head restraint. I think the location of the coaster fits really well with the ending and break run over the lake. Just like cheater hunt I love how it hugs the ground and how close it is to the rocks on either side. I am not going to lie this is a rough coaster, but I just think it adds to the overall experience.

3: Shambhala (PortAventura)

So, let’s stay in PortAventura for number 3. At one time I would have put this at number one, but times have changed. Its such a tall coaster that I love, and that first drop is good. I love the fact that you get such a different experience on the first drop depending where you sit on the coaster. At the front, you get the hang time for so long and at the back, you get pulled over the drop so fast. It’s absolutely packed to the max with airtime. I love the splash down element. Does it need inversions? Absolutely not, in fact I think that inversions would ruin this coaster. It’s also great that this ride is kind of hidden. You really don’t see it until you start getting close to the coaster. While this coaster was being built I really had high hopes for it and it did not let me down.

2: Red force (Ferrari land)

So we go back to the launch coasters for number 2. I was so looking forward to this one, firstly that launch, just wow 0-119mph in 5s. It actually feels like this coaster is trying to take off especially that moment it reaches the end of the launch section. Yes, it is only up over the top hat and back down, but that is irrelevant. The feeling that the initial launch gives you is out of this world. Yet again it’s a really tall coaster and I am still waiting to get a rollback on this beast. The noise this thing makes just adds something special. Am I a fan of the theme? Well no not really but that’s just me, forget the theme for this one, I could ride it all day. You can see Red force for miles around. looking forward to getting back on red force later this year.

1: Taron (Phantasialand)

We have reached the pivotal point, the number one. To a lot of people this is probably an obvious choice. But I have good reason to put this coaster at number 1. I don’t have a bad word to say about this ride, from start to finish it’s just amazing. Let’s start with the theme, it’s by far the most superior theming I have ever seen. The restraints work so well on this coaster you feel so free on the ride and if you get lucky to get a slightly loose restraint you will not be disappointed. The highlight of this coaster is the second launch, just wow. It flows so well around the track and transitions so well, plenty of airtime and sharp bends. This coaster just has a habit of making you smile all the way around and for that reason that’s why it sits at number 1.

See you in the next one


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