Our Visit to Ferrari Land what did we think?

Hello again it’s been a while.

As I sit here this evening I have been thinking about the next trip out to PortAventura (summer). So, let’s have a look at Ferrari land and is it worth it?

We were last at the park just after it opened. I sadly couldn’t get out of a wedding to make opening day, but we were there a few days later. First impressions were that the park looks really nice. Really bright, brilliant theming nice planting, water features and clean and tidy. The biggest shock for me was where are the guest’s, The park is dead. This is first thing in the morning a few days after its opened and no one is here. It really is baffling. Surely it isn’t the cost and I’m sure it’s been well advertised. I can only put it down to a lack of thrill rides and people believe they will have more fun in PortAventura. Anyway, it’s their loss I am here for some fun, and walk on ride’s makes me happy.

The Rides.

So let’s be honest, we have only made this trip for one ride and that is RED FORCE. As we walk around the ghost town we finally get to see it in all its glory and wow it’s a beast. It looks and sounds amazing. Before we get into reviewing the ride I want to mention the seating/viewing area for guests not riding. They have recreated an actual grandstand and it looks fantastic. We just stood up here for a few mins to take it all in. But it was only a few mins as I am desperate to get on. I have seen the ride from the plane the taxi and the hotel I just need to ride the thing.

As you have probably guessed it’s a 3-hour queue to get on… sorry that’s a 3-minute queue, for a moment I actually thought there were more guests here. Joking aside, the actual queue is nice, well landscaped and some of it is undercover for them hot sunny days in Spain. It’s a shame you don’t get the best view of the ride from the queue but when do you? The station yet again is well themed just like a F1 pit garage, for someone who is well into motorsport I am quite enjoying this. Let’s get on this thing.

Wow, I do like it, I love the buzz of thundering down the straight at 112mph and then climbing all the way up to 367ft and back down the other side. It’s a fantastic coaster but…. Its just lacks a punch from that launch. Obviously, I kind of knew it was going to be like this but still its just lacking that BANG. The views from the top are amazing even if it is only for a split second. One ride isn’t enough to make comment so I’m going back around for more.

11 rides later. Yes, that’s right 11 rides later and honestly I still feel the same. It looks and sounds fantastic. But in reality it’s over too quick and lacks that punch. It’s still a fabulous ride.

Let’s have a look at the other thrill rides around here.

Well, that took long. There really isn’t any, well there is the thrill towers but in all honestly, they are not worth the wait. I personally found them very weak and boring. But we have given them ago and that’s what counts. They may be your kind of thing, but they didn’t do it for me. There are two towers and free fall tower and a bounce back tower.

Time to have a look at the family based rides.

Maranello Grand Race. This is a more child-based ride but what the hell I have got to have a go. Yet again its walk on even though a few people have now come into the park. We take a car each, its time for a race. It’s a self-drive type of ride with a track in the middle to stop you going off course. But we are having a lot of fun on it. Like the rest of the park its well themed and a reasonably long circuit. If you had out here make sure you have a go it is a bit of fun. You won’t be drifting a Enzo round corners though.

So the next two there is good and bad.

These are the two-cinema theatre thingy me bobs. Let’s start with the good FLYING DREAMS.

Firstly, like I have said many times the theme of this ride is really good even while we are queueing up. We are basically in a huge building with lights audio and projection mapping its stunning. But oh my god the wait is unbelievable. We have not moved for over 15 mins, what’s going on. Finally the doors open and yes we are greeted by another queue. This can not be serious. Another long wait and we move on to yet another queue. This queue moved quickly and we are soon ready to ride. I won’t spoil the ride but basically, it’s a very advanced motion simulator. I did enjoy it a bit of fun and killed a bit of time.

Now for the bad.

Racing Legends.

I honestly have nothing to say about this ride apart from its terrible. The queue we are stood in is even longer than the last and it’s on the opposite side of the same building. If motion simulators mixed with an Xbox game is your thing then you may enjoy it but I certainly haven’t.

So we haven’t been in here for long and we have done most of the rides, there are a few bits left to do but nothing that exciting.

We head over to the museum. Wow, we are loving it in here, now that may just be that I do like cars but it’s interesting. Nice cars to look at and sit in and all the other jazz you get with a museum. Some good photo opportunities in here and its not a in and out job you can spend a good bit of time looking around, I’m glad they have added into the park.

That’s all folks, there is a bit left to do but nothing exciting. I can kind of see why this park is empty. The only draw to the park is RED force, and I can understand people not wanting to pay for one ride. Hopefully more “thrill” investments will come soon and really put this park on the Map.

Speak soon Chris.

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