Theme park Hotels are they worth the cost?

Today we are talking Theme park hotels. We have stayed at our fair share of hotels over the last few years visiting theme parks across the world. And we have been in some great hotels and some shocking hotels, but we won’t be naming them today. But what we wanted to talk about was the price of the park hotels and do you think it’s worth the cost to stay at the theme park your visiting. We received a email from Drayton Manor saying they are the best value theme park hotel this summer and we was amazed by the differences.

Below are example competitor prices based on similar inclusive packages for two adults and two children to share a themed room on Friday 24th August and receive breakfast and two-day attraction tickets and are accurate as of 27th April 2018:

Drayton Manor Hotel: £373 when booked seven or more days in advance

CBeebies Land Hotel: £502.50 for a ‘Postman Pat’ themed room when booked seven or more days in advance

Legoland Resort Hotel: £561.00 for an ‘Adventure’ themed room when booked seven or more days in advance

Chessington Hotel: £647 for a ‘Gruffalo’ themed room when booked seven or more days in advance

With no booking fee and free parking for those who have booked a hotel stay, these are some of the numbers that make Drayton Manor Park the most cost-effective trip this summer.

Also what we love is Drayton Manor Park has also re-introduced a helpful scheme to allow families to spread the cost of a Stay and Play package this summer. Family getaways, including an overnight stay at the 4 Star Drayton Manor Hotel, breakfast the next morning and theme park tickets for the whole family, can be secured for just a £1 deposit

Now we have stayed in nearly all the hotels above and I still stand by my decision that Drayton Manor has a whole package was the best out the 4. So why are Chessington charging so much for the same type of package?

We always try and support the parks by staying in the parks hotel but sometimes the cost different can’t be justified. Even with a seasonal pass discounts the cost is far too much.

Disney is a great example of this for a 2 night stay it was nearly 3 x more than staying in a hotel nearby with bus routes into the park. Plus the hotel is far better and you get a better breakfast and you didn’t have to wait in line for nearly 20mins just to get a table.

The cost of Theme park hotels across most of Europe is very similar, But you can find some really good deals. One example being Phantasialand, it’s not the cheapest but we found you did get a lot for your money. Absolutely stunning hotel and stunning food with no wait at all. Early ride time on selected coasters with no queues at all, and all hotels guests get 2 x fast tracks. They always have offers on the hotels especially if you book early.

Yes, I can see the benefit of staying at the parks hotel its closer to the park, at some parks you get early ride time and to able say that you’re staying at the park but is that worth the price tag?

Until next time I will catch you down the road.

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