How Far Would You Travel?

Would you want to experience something so badly that you had to travel across an ocean and do it as soon as possible?Well, it happened.

Steel Vengeance is getting rave reviews, and it's not just me saying this - do some internet surfing and you'l find a lot of riders who agree. Let me introduce you to Paul from Trowbridge in the UK. Paul is the chairman of the European Coaster Club, and he literally could not wait to ride Steel Vengance. So what did he do?

He jumped on a plane. But here's the crazy bit - he flew all the way here to Ohio to ride Steel Vengeance and then jump on a plane to fly all the way back... IN ONE DAY.

Paul flew to Iceland, then on to Cleveland; spent one day at Cedar Point, then flew all the way back home that night. Talk about serious coaster loving (and dedication). Paul's love of roller coasters was inspired by Magnum XL-200, which, as you know, is the world's first hyper-coaster and took the industry by storm back in 1989. Ever since then, Paul has visited us to see every major attraction we've built that has redefined roller coasters (Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster and now, Steel Vengeance). He's always loved that we've been on the cutting edge of roller coaster technology. Truthfully, he's got the same love for this stuff as I do. He had a chance to take a ride on Steel Vengeance last weekend with our general manager, Jason McClure. And what was his reaction? The exact quote was, if I recall, "insane poetry in motion."

So this story got us thinking how far would you go to ride a coaster? well lets tell you our story unfortunately its no where near the distance of above.. But we have been know to have done some stupid trips.

First we've visited Phantiasland and back in 1 day, the distance 285 miles each way 570 all round trip which is nearly 12 hours just driving. And it was worth every minute. This was the second time visiting the park and what was the reason to drive all that way for a day??? you guessed it TARON. At the time it was my top coaster. That ride is incredible there isnt many rides i have come off and was lost for words, from the theming to the operations to the trains and then the launch, not just the first launch the second launch the force and the noise nothing beats it.

Second of our one day trips we visited Efteling the distance 221 miles each way 442 all round trip which was 8 hours just driving. Again we had visited the park before and fell in love with it. From Baron 1898 to George and the dragon its got a great line up of great coasters and very bizarre rides and theming.

Third on our parks we have visited in one day comes Walibi Holland. The distance 275 each way 550 all round trip 11hours round trip just driving. and we even stopped off in Amsterdam for a nice meal before coming back. This was the first time visiting this park and the main draw was lost gravity and Goliath. Goliath was crazy the airtime on that coaster is up there with the best, Lost Gravity although it was a good coaster there was something missing from the ride. and its hard to explain, its got a great first drop great inversions and the theming is really good. but you get off the ride thinking it was ok. what do you think of this coaster? we would love to hear.

And the last one for this blog was Disneyland Paris. The distance 237 miles each way 474 all round trip. 10 hours just driving. Now out of all the trips i have done in one day this was the hardest by far. i think it was a combination of waiting until 23.00 just for the fireworks. and the long trip. The highlight for this visit was the princesses dinner package which was out of this world and like always the show and fireworks. So thats our theme park visits in a day. there are so much more we could talk about but we will leave it here for now.

We would love to hear your story.

Until next time i will catch you down the road

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