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So i sit here on the plane coming back from our first trip to Madrid and have time to reflect on the days we had there. We were there for 4 days and 2 of the days were at new parks for us Parque Warner and Parque de Atracciones.

Now normally when we visit places we hire a car and then drive to the parks, or just cross the channel. I find it much easier and it allows me to leave the park when I want. But this time after looking that both parks could be visited by using the metro we decide to try that instead. Plus it would allow me to have a cheeky beer in the park. On the subject of beer I recommend the beer with lemon that is available everywhere in Madrid just wish they did it back home. The park prices are super cheap a small beer €2 and a 1ltr glass of beer €5. The food was also cheap a meal would cost about €6. Back to the metro from the airport T4s you will need to head to the airport exit (metro) this will take you about 10mins to get to a driverless train which will take you to terminal 4. There you will clear passport control and then make your way purchase a metro card. Now the metro is not like the tube in London you can't just swipe your contactless card. You have to pre-pay a card. With the metro card you can use 1 card per 2 people. (Simply swipe card go passed the barrier and pass the cardback) The one thing that was a pain was even though you clicked English on the ticket machine it's always stays in Spanish. But there are people there to help. (At the airport only) The machines take card or cash. You have to pay €3 charge per person for using the airport metro ontop of the fare to the destination. If you forget on your return there's a machine where you can pay the charge. Now the metro after is very cheap. To get to Parque Warner it cost us €9 and Parque de Atracciones €1.80. On the subject of parks. TICKETS Top tips on cheap tickets.... Parque Warner tickets we brought from ticket 365 we purchased 2 tickets for £38 which was half the price of the website. You will need to print the tickets off and you have to go to the ticket counter to collect your tickets to enter the park. Parque de Atracciones I brought the ticket from the Spanish Groupon site now it was a little harder to work out what your doing but the pages translate very easy. The cost was £15. With this ticket you will need to print it off but you don't have to wait in line at the park entrances just walk straight to the barrier. Now to work your way round the metro/trains/buses system I downloaded an app called Moovit, this app is amazing put your start point and end station or landmark and it will track you all the way even underground and tell you what station to get off at with a notification. Like I said this is the first time I have used any public transport away from home and this helped loads Now each start point is different to the parks so I will just talk about mine. Parque Warner I headed for Sol which is a main station that links alot of the lines and get on the light blue 1 line to Villa de Vallecas here you exit the station and turn left right in front of you is a buses station the bus you need is the 412 and that takes you straight into the park main entrance. (Easy) Parque de Atracciones again I headed for Sol head up the 1 light blue line to Tribunal and switch to the Dark blue 10 line towards Batan which is 5 min walk to the rear park entrance. This entrance isn't has grand has the main one but it saves a lot of time walking. Remember all trips will be different and it all depends on where you start so check the nearest metro station to you. Like I said it the first time we have travelled without a car and it was really easy. Again use the app Moovit available both on play store and app store. Also I recommend Google Translate aswell simply click camera hold it over the words and it will translate the writting for you. If you dont use internet away make sure you download the language of your destination before hand. Don't let this put you off. Both parks are good and worth a visit. Until next time I will catch you down the road.

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