Thorpe park Resort is a theme park resort located between the towns of Chertsey in Surrey and Staines in Middlesex.

Thorpe park offers some of the most extreme and exciting rides in the whole of Europe - with a feast of over 28 rides and attractions.

After demolition of the Thorpe park Estate in the 1930s, in 1941 The site is used by Ready Mix Concret the site became a gravel pit. RMC started to look about what they were going to do with the land once the excavating had finish, RMC form a subsidiary company called ‘Leisure Sport Limited’ to run their attraction based on “The history of the British people as a maritime nation Thorpe park theme park started to be built in 1970 on top of the gravel pit in 1979 thorpe park opened but not like the theme park we see today, that didnt come until later. The dome that is a part of the entrance to the park was originally called the Mountbatten Pavilion model world which housed a world war 1 Aircraft Display and the Schneider Trophy Aircraft Exhibition.


1981 a uk's first opened a 180 cinema. Experience some of the world’s most exciting thrills without leaving the ground or the Park!

1982 Thorpe Park farm was opened, in 1983 Phantom Fantasia opened to the public Phantom Fantasia, later renamed Wicked Witches Haunt, was a dark ride which opened 

1983 and took riders through a series of large animated horror scenes and illusions. The ride was designed by Colchester-based production studio Sparks, while the endless transit system was manufactured by Mack Rides in Germany.

1984 saw the first rollercoaster to the park Space Station Zero which is still in operation today, It was rethemed in 1990 under the name flying fish.

1986 saw the launch of a new ride Teacup Twisters which is still operational today under the new name Storm in a teacup.

1987 was the biggest investment for the park, Thunder river opened costing the park £2million this ride is still operational today under the name rumba rapids. this is when Thorpe park started to shape up into the park we know now. 

1989 saw another water ride added to the park in a new area called Canada Creek, This new area of the park opened with Loggers Leap, Britain’s highest Log flume, The re-located Rocky Express and a railroad station which took guests upto Thorpe Farm.

Thorpe farm unfortunately closed in 2006 along with the railroad which took guests upto it, The railroad did re-open from 2007 to 2011 as a shorter circuit around Canada Creek called Canada Creek Railway. Canada Creek is now called Old town with Loggers leap and the railway both SBNO (Standing but not operating).

1991 saw Fantasy Reef, a new park area opens with the new ride Depth Charge, the UK’s 1st four lane waterslide. in 1994 Mr Monkey banana boat ride opened and this is still operational today. 

1996 – X:\ No Way Out, the Worlds 1st pitch black backwards rollercoaster opens and is one of the largest  investments RMC spend on the park.

1998 Ready Mix Concrete sell Thorpe Park to the Tussauds Group.

2000 Tidal Wave opens, at the time it was Europe’s tallest water ride also one of the wettest water rides, you dont have to be on the ride to get wet, just stand on the exit bridge or behind the bridge.

July 2000 Dozens of firefighters were battled control a fire at an amusement park in Surrey, forcing the evacuation of 7,000 people, The fire started in Mr Rabbit's tropical travels both rabbit tropical travel and Wicked Witches Haunt are destroyed by the fire

2001  Detonator, Vortex and Zodiac open, 2002 the Worlds 1st ten looping coaster colossus , and  Fright Nights begin at the park. (see below for details on fright nights)

2003 saw the first b&m to the park Nemesis inferno a inverted coaster sister to nemesis at alton towers, also Eclipse and Quantum opened. In 2004 – Samurai arrives from Chessington World of Adventures and Eclipse left thorpe park and was relocated at Chessington world,

2005 saw 2 new flat rides to the park both made by S&S rush and slammer

2006 saw another big coaster to the park an intamin launch coaster which is the fastest launch coaster in europe, at 205ft tall its the 2nd height in the uk and 0-80mph in 1.9 sec, the ride was going to be called Edge but was changed because pizza hut were marketing the edge pizza at the time which was also in partnership which thorpe park. if you look at the stealth sign you can still see the old name behind it,

2007 Merlin Entertainments Group buy the Tussauds Group including Thorpe Park. 

2009 – Saw the first of Merlins partnership with Gerstlauer Saw the ride   It features an enclosed dark section and 'beyond-vertical' drop of 100º, the steepest roller coaster drop in the world at its opening During construction, the codename "Project Dylan" was used to keep the movie tie-in secret. The name 'Dylan' in fact came from the project director's cat, with no actual relevance to the ride, Another fact is Dylan the cat died during construction and is buried under the first drop. 2010 – Year round horror maze Saw Alive opens

2011 -  saw another water ride Storm Surge open

2012 - Thorpe park opened up the second B&M coaster but this coaster was the second in the world and the first in Europe a B&M wing coaster, Starting in 2013, the last two rows of each train face backwards, while the first five rows face forward. This was removed in 2016, with all riders facing forward once again. for some insight into the build click the link 

We would also add that Thorpe parks social media team are the best out there, if you have any questions about your visit tweet them

For Thorpe park's Fright nights event information and pictures click here


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