Walibi Holland History

Walibi Holland is a theme park based in  RJ Biddinghuizen, and they use the slogan Dare to get real

In 1971, the park was opened under the name 'Flevohof'. It was an educational themepark themed after agriculture and farming. Flevohof went bankrupt in 1993, and was subsequently purchased by the Walibi Group the same year. After a major winter-long programme of reconstruction the park reopened as Walibi Flevo on 7 May 1994,  they opened the door with the world's first Vekoma suspended looping coaster (SLC), El Condor, which as now been copied around the world many times. The park also adopted the wallaby mascot of its sister park, Walibi Belgium.

The Walibi parks, including Bellewaerde in Belgium, were purchased by Premier Parks Inc. in 1998, who subsequently overhauled the Flevo park, removing the 'Walibi' branding and building 30 new attractions as part of its transformation into Six Flags Holland in 2000. Six Flags's nominal expansion into Europe saw a similar refurbishment of the Belgian Walibi theme park, which was renamed to Six Flags Belgium. Both parks benefiting from the group's rights to use Warner Brothers characters within them, leading to the creation of a Looney Tunes-themed area and a powered-launch coaster themed around popular comic figure Superman, later changed to the Xpress.

In 2004, Six Flags Holland and its sister parks were purchased by financiers Palamon Capital Partners, who grouped the attractions under the name "StarParks". The park reverted to Walibi branding in 2005; numerous attractions having been rebranded as the sale of the parks also meant the loss of any references to Looney Tunes and DC Comics characters rights.

So why does the park look so familiar? Well it was featured in the well known computer game rollercoaster tycoon 3 which to this day is still the eight best selling PC game selling 10 million copies, if you search youtube you can find ride pov which was used in the game.

In the second half of 2006, the parks were sold for the second time in as many years to the French group Grévin & Cie (Compagnie des Alpes), most notably the operators of the French themed resort Parc Astérix, who also purchased two other Dutch attractions - the Dolfinarium Harderwijk and Avonturenpark Hellendoorn. In 2011 the park was renamed as Walibi Holland, which introduced new mascots

2016 walibi invested in a new ride, It was a new concept for mack rides and currently the only one in the world, its model name is a mack big dipper, which includes a crazy dive drop and a zero G roll, 

2018 Walibi Holland announced that Robin Hood a Vekoma would be converted to a RMC Hybrid this will be the first one in Europe, Its no surprise that the Vekoma wooden coaster would be converted, Due to Vekoma and RMC working in partnership on many rides. Walibi Holland will close the ride on October 2018 to start the conversion, The ride is set up open in 1st July 2019, We cant wait for this ride to open, We will be following the construction from October.

Heres a link to RMC and Vekoma partnership Brochure.


It is or has been the location of many festivals like the Lowlands music festival and the Defqon.1 music festival, The defqon 1 festival is one of the biggest hardstyle dance events in europe, spanning over a weekend they are known for the crazy music and amazing firework displays every night, the event is held in June on the adjacent fields where you get access to the theme park as well.


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